Class leading, hand crafted, bespoke luxury.
Build and quality normally only associated with superyachts.
Style, function and comfort. Every detail is considered.
Everything you need, nothing you don't.

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RC Motorhomes has been manufacturing the ultimate and most desirable British built motorhomes in the heart of Devon for over 17 years. Ingenuity, creativity and marine build quality are the hallmark of each and every build with each vehicle a true one-off.  Our range of obsessively crafted motorhomes come in four different sizes, 8, 9, 10 and 12 metres. Nothing is set in stone, the RC Motorhomes team are ready to make your dreams a reality. Discover the latest RC models below and start your RC journey today.


The RC9M is a fully customisable coach built Motorhome offering unrivalled quality, endless options and with its large garage area it can be a great sports vehicle or a spacious recreation vehicle.


The ultimate luxury motorhome. A massive 12m long, 18-26 ton vehicle packed with the latest technology and the very finest fixtures and fittings. Some describe this as a superyacht on wheels.
RC8M Motorhome


The RC8M may be the smallest in our fleet but loses nothing on space, luxury and comfort. This exquisitely built motorhome is constructed on the same chassis as our RC9M, contains all the highest quality fittings you would expect from RC and is fully customisable with limitless options.



The RC10M is a ten metre 12 ton luxury apartment on wheels. Everything about this luxurious model is designed for easy living. Living areas are large, bright, and comfortable, with high-end furnishings and finishes and unrivalled storage capacity. This vehicle is perfect for motorsport or as an indulgent leisure vehicle.

Setting new standards

RC Motorhomes provide a rare solution to a saturated motorhome market, by creating truly bespoke, luxury motorhomes from the chassis up. The RC team of craftsmen create these exquisite vehicles with hand finishing mixed with the latest technology. Whichever design and base vehicle you decide we use only top quality materials and fixtures with no compromise.  Every motorhome is built to your exact specifications.

If you can think it. RC can build it.

Designed and Built by craftsmen

RC Motorhomes are expertly crafted by a handpicked team craftsman who have honed their individual skills in the superyacht, supercar and aviation industries.  Every member of our team are the best in their field with incredible attention to detail and a passionate drive for perfection.

Leading the way with superior technology

RCM always strive to find the next coolest asset to our motorhomes. We strive to be constantly unique, using the latest technology normally only found in supercars and superyachts.

Our motorhome features the very latest technology in AC/DC power systems. From the well known and trusted supplier Victron, the heart of this system is the 3kW Multiplus power invertor, giving you the ability to use mains powered equipment, using the AC mains shore lead, vehicle alternator, solar or the large capacity 600AHr batteries, and should you require, the on-board generator can supplement your power requirements.

The system also benefits from the large state-of-the-art touch screen, giving the user up to the second detailed information of the vehicle status and allowing you to take control of everything from a single interface.

Combine this with in on-board Teltonika Wi-Fi router equipped with a data SIM card, and you can monitor and control your motorhome from any where in the world!

Using the Internet connection, we are the only company giving our customers complete remote support.The on-board Wi-Fi router allows you connect your smart devices to the internet for web browsing, message or mail.

If you can think it we can create it.


Which ever design and base vehicle you decide, we use only top quality materials and fixtures without compromise. Every Motorhome has the very latest specifications, interior colour schemes, woods, cloth‘s and leathers that are not commonly found in motorhomes. 

All materials and build techniques are taken from the marine industry, with domestic appliances and fittings with high-end finishes you would expect from the very best motorhomes.

Like all great things you don't want to shout about them as everyone will want one. That said, I have never found better than RCM. You can tell they used to build superyachts. Simply stunning.

You dream, we deliver

If you have a dream, we can work together to make that dream a reality by creating  for you, the perfect motorhome for your requirements. A motorhome way beyond that dream. Your unique motorhome will be beautifully crafted and with personal touches bespoke only to you.

So, if you’re after a lifestyle statement you’re after an RC Motorhome.

Go on, dare to dream.

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