Care and precision from the ground up.
Perfect balance between high-end materials and the latest technology.
Every RC Craftsman has crossover skills

About Us

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Care and precision from start to finish

RC’s founder, Richard Churchill has a solid background in boat building from laying the resin, all the way through to sea trials. He naturally progressed to working for a superyacht manufacturer where he learned about uncompromised quality and attention to detail. Richard also comes from a motocross motorsport background where the the ‘van’ was the ultimate accessory as you could put your bike in the back, head off to race meetings, whereafter you can stay over, have drinks and relax. Unfortunately he couldn’t find anything of any quality so ended up building himself a Mercedes sprinter van conversion. The rest is history.

RC Motorhome mid-build in the workshop

The RC Team

The entire RC team are hand-picked from a boat building background. All are very best craftsman in their field and crucially, they understand the discipline of perfection needed in the marine industry. Every team member has a core skill-set but all have crossover skills and are involved in the entire process from design to the finished product. It’s all about exceeding the client’s expectations with first-class quality and service at all times and our team deliver.

The Beginning

In 2006 the first RC coach built motorhome called ‘Extreme‘ was born. The vehicle had a groundbreaking one-piece fibreglass body, built exactly like a boat as a one-piece shell so there are no joins in the construction.  This concept was unique to the motorhome industry for a motorhome because the construction eliminated joins and leaks for years to come. 

This out of the box thinking for Motorhome construction was the founding steps on the journey to the magnificent motorhomes RC create today.


Our craftsmen take ideas and turn them into reality. No corner cutting, no cheap materials, just the best, always. We accept nothing less than perfection. 

From initial sketches to CAD drawings, touchscreens tech to hand stitching, RC have it all under one roof ensuring quality control to deliver on the reputation RC is known for.  By constantly developing our long-established building techniques, each RC Motorhome celebrates the traditional skills while embracing modern technology.

RC Motorhomes are far from a production motorhome. The RC electrical system is 240 volt as you’d find in your home, which enables us to fit the very best high-end equipment like induction hobs, combination oven and grill, fridge freezer and dishwashers you would expect from vehicles of this stature.

Design precision

We have invested heavily in technology which has given us a next level edge. All technical drawing and drawings are developing our CAD for all the internal and external design elements. The CAD design creates build manuals and wiring diagrams and allows us to create 3-D models to send to a client so they can make changes before the build even starts. To compliment the hand craftsmanship we also have a large format CNC machine for precision cutting and routing.

From chassis prep to final polish; Each bespoke RC Motorhome is designed and assembled by our team of experienced craftsmen.

We Listen

Feedback from our clients is crucial. We want to stay the ‘best’ so we listen to all our customers as they are the people who use the vehicles day in day out. Everything to do with storage to comfort, we always listen to what ideas they may have and that helps develop better and better motorhomes. It’s everything you would expect from a hand built Coachworks – nothing is mass manufactured.

Thousands of hours go into each vehicle as each are a product built at the very best of our craftmen’s skill but listening to our customers for their personal adjustments ensure absolutely everything is catered for and to the highest quality.

Why should you have to suffer if you own a motorhome?  With an RC, your hot water doesn’t run out when you’re having a shower, you can cook properly as if you were at home, everything works when you have multiple appliances on at the same time. It’s a given. 

Fit out and detailing

Our team fit out each vehicle with care and attention to detail. The team’s skills and experience are honed from hours of high end fit-outs of classic cars and super yachts.

From perfectly trimmed driver and passenger seats or bespoke sofas and edge stitched carpets, to stunning finishes on woodwork and carbon fibre. Every single fitting and finishing in a RC Motorhome has taken years of development and always developed and tweaked from feedback from our valued customers.

Carbon fibre?
You name it.

Love carbon fibre? Our carbon fibre specialists work closely with our infusion team which all have a background in precision boat building to create the most perfect carbon finishing. We can look at the smallest interior details to the whole backend. Just let us know your preferences and RCM will make it happen.

Latest digital tech

RCM always strive to find the next coolest asset to our motorhomes. We strive to be constantly unique, using the latest technology normally only found in supercars and superyachts.

You are in control. Every aspect of the vehicle is controlled by a state-of-the-art touch screen system which can be mirrored onto an iPad so you don’t even have to get up!

If you can think it we can create it.

Ingenuity and creativity are the hallmark of each and every vehicle manufactured by RC Motorhomes with each vehicle a true one off.

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