Race hard, party hard, relax in luxury.


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Purpose built for your team

All the equipment that we add to our motorhomes is tailored towards a motocross’ teams needs. A top motocross team has to have the right bikes, the right tuning, in the right tyres and of course, the right motorhome.

Designed from experience.
Built for purpose.

An RC motorsport motorhome is a home from home with a large, fully kitted-out garage, masses of water, faultless electrical systems, awnings that become workshops, barbecue areas, even outside TV’s.  Racing is everything, but after that, a motorsport event is a focal point,  it’s a way of life. We understand this, so everything is catered for.

Everything changed when we commissioned a RCM. Our race team carry a phenomenal amount of kit, bikes and people and our RC has it all, and more. A competitive advantage from the start.

Designed for the, motorsport environment.

The motorsport environment, especially motocross is harsh. Rain, winds, mud, dust, are all elements that will affect the performance of a production motorhome. But not an RC Motorhome. The RC Motorhome is a luxury but durable vehicle. It has a garage that can take up to 6 bikes and can be easily hosed out. Our motorhomes have massive water carrying capacity and the on-board power that would cope with a motorsports event needs. There are fold down tables for your toolboxes, air hoses and pressure washers all set within the vehicle.

A purpose designed heavy duty canopy will keep your team warm and dry in stormy conditions. RC motorhomes are completely independent for off grid living so there’s always plenty of power, plenty of water, good beds and comfortable living areas. All built on the right chassis to carry your payload of bikes, a massive 500 litres of water, toolboxes, barbecues and pushbikes. Nothing is forgotten.

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