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Overseas Opportunities

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Welcome to an opportunity like no other.

RCM are always looking to move forward and a vision to fore-fill the interest for our product from all over the world. We have seen a massive growth in the leisure market in recent years and the demand for something a little different and high end seems to be welcomed by new adventure seekers that demand the best.

South Korea RCM facility.

The Motorhome market identified to be in high growth were the asian markets and RCM have set up a manufacturing facility in South Korea to be able to cater for this new demand. Since setting up KIVA Motorhomes who manufacture under licence a version of the RCM product with full training and ongoing support have fine tuned a product for their growing market and are selling the RCM product in China, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

We had expert guidance from the beginning. KIVA Motorhomes have a new offering never seen before in South Korea. Thank you RCM.

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